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Workers Orientation
TECi 100L
Congratulations on your completion of Membership Class. You’re welcome to the journey of our workers orientation program. Please see below housekeeping rules for your information:
1. Please activate the Do-Not-Disturb function of your phone to block calls and other alerts from interfering. Also put away any other distraction from your environment.
2. There will be 4 quizzes per session, and you are required to answer them correctly as part of the requirement to move to the next level.
3. The quizzes will come up intermittently throughout the sessions. Therefore, please pay attention.
4. Sessions will be locked after 15mins to prevent late comers from joining. If you are logged out of the session due to network issues, please send a message to the class registrar to allow you back into the class. The phone number of the registrar will be provided via zoom chat.
5. Please use the Chat Room for admin related questions and Q and A section for class content related questions for the attention of the facilitator.
6. Please get your writing materials ready and avoid distractions. It promises to be a great experience.

TECi team.
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